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Rescuing horses started as a mission to save some of our beautiful friends from their dreary, forgotten lives in shelters, or worse... slaughter house auctions. Little did we know how much they would rescue us...


These gentle animals have been abandoned, surrendered, abused, starved, and forgotten. We bring them here to Reno Riding and Rescue to give them a chance at a happy life. Many times they come to us barely able to stand, their dull eyes and worn coats a testimony to the bleak life they have endured. After months of care, love, feeding, veterinary care, and building trust, these animals are not even recognizable.


The purpose of rehabilitation of these animals isn't for profit. We realized a long time ago that these gentle giants are the ones teaching us. It occurred to us that there were many in our community that needed the same healing. We started putting hearts with horses and the miracles simply unfolded.


These horses have changed lives. They have touched hearts. They are an experience you will never forget. Join us here at Reno Riding and Rescue, and see for your self what these majestic creatures can do.

how to help

Here at Reno Riding and Rescue we can always use the help! Rescuing these beautiful animals is absolutely worth it but very expensive. If you would like to help our rescue efforts, below is a list of common things we can always use:






Cotton Lead Ropes

and of course.... feed ;)



If you would like discuss with Cara other donations and support, please contact her via the Say Hi page here on the website, or on your iPhone with our mobile app! Anything at all is very welcome and Reno Riding and Rescue greatly thanks all the amazing wonderful people who are helping us in our community!


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