camps check out our community page

One of our favorite things here is our camps. These take place throughout the year, mostly during the wonderful summer months. Camps range in length and theme. Ages 6-15 of all riding levels will find something amazing at a Reno Riding camp.


You can go to our camp page, or see our RenoRiding Facebook page for all of our camps schedule and information. Thank you!

beautiful images courtesy of our friend, the amazing Sally Casas. Email her here

riding lessons

Private 1 Hour: $55.00

(45 min ride/ 15 min HM*)


Group 1.5 Hour: $45.00

(60 min ride/ 30 min HM*)

per student fee

5 students max/group


Group lessons are organized by rider level and ability.


Please arrive early to make sure you are ready to start on time!


*Horse Management

birthday parties

Nothing can be more special on your special day than celebrating it with your fun equine friends and best buddies! Birthday parties at Reno Riding are incredibly fun, unique experiences, that always include a take home surprise! Plan your party and rest assured no one else will have one like it!

Contact us on the Say Hi page to request information about how to get started. It's simple, fast, and so easy to plan. Your kids will tell you it's the best party they have ever had!

organic farming

We love animals what can we say!


Reno Riding and Rescue is so excited about the organic things we have going on!


We have chicken, duck, and turkey eggs for sale. Yes that's right! Duck and Turkey eggs are usually hard to find gourmet purchases. If you haven't tried them, you must!


Around here if it's green, fuzzy or furry, and happy, then it's ours. Our stock is fed clean organic food and water, and sheltered in reclaimed sheds and kennels that have been made over to house our little buddies.


Contact us if you'd like to support local growing in the community, or just to get hooked up with a supply of fresh, organic eggs.

hive 605 check out our community page

Fresh Local Honey! We recently decided to sweeten things up around here. We now have busy little bees making luscious honey. Here in Northern Nevada the clover is sweet, and we hear that local honey can even make the seasons easier to deal with.


Give us a shout and we'll send some your way!

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